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WSB News - 2013

Registration fees for WSB14 Barcelona are now available!

27/11/2013 - For all of us who want to attend World SB14 Barcelona, information about cost is just as important as location and key dates. Thus, the latest registration fees for WSB14 Barcelona are now available here, on the Conference website, including interesting innovations:


Are you a member of Green Building Council España (GBCe)? Don’t miss this opportunity and join the association to enjoy discounts for all members.
If you already are a member, congratulations! Discover the benefits you will enjoy by being a GBCe member.

Two types of fees are available to allow maximum flexibility for each attendee, granting the option to choose the one that adapts to their needs: a general fee and a basic fee, only for non-speakers. Click HERE for more details on what these fees include.

Are you a member of any of the Conference promoting or cooperating organizations? Are you an under 26 year old student?
Find out more information about the special prices that the Conference offers.

Good news for the World Sustainable Building Barcelona Conference

02/10/2013 - Knauf has become the first GOLD sponsor of this important event that will unite professionals from all around the world to debate the future of sustainable building. With this sponsorship, Knauf joins other committed companies worldwide that will help make this ambitious event a global success, summoning the main stakeholders within the building sector to meet in Barcelona.

In becoming a GOLD sponsor, the leading manufacturer of laminated plaster panels will immediately begin taking active part in preparations for the Conference. Furthermore, Knauf will enjoy an exhibition space in the Innovation Fair that will take place simultaneously with the Conference, as well as sponsoring two debate sessions, choosing the 4 speakers that will answer each of the questions posed by the Conference Scientific Committee.
According to Klaus Keller, Executive Director of Knauf GmbH, “respect for the environment, both in manufacturing our own products and contributing to make buildings more sustainable, is part of our company philosophy”. On this occasion, Knauf, as a representative of the construction materials industry, will work to give a more practical approach to the contribution that manufacturers can make to improve sustainability in our housing sector.
“We hope many more companies to join us; while we work alone for some projects, in this type of key events we must join forces with the entire sector. The more the better”, Mr. Keller added.
On the other hand, the CEO of Green Building Council España, organizing entity of WSB14 Barcelona, emphasized the role that the industry will play in this Conference: “A specific area – Transforming reality – will help us make this Conference different, not the typical scientific conference for scientists. Our goal is to count on all views and approaches possible to enrich the global vision on sustainable building in the five continents, making the industry’s contribution essential".
The Sustainable Building Conference Series, of which WSB14 Barcelona is part, is the largest global meeting aimed at debating different aspects of sustainable building. It is promoted by CIB (Conseil International de Batîment), iiSBE (Intertational Initiative for a Sustainable Built Enviroment), UNEP-SBCI (Sustainable Buildings and Climate Initiative) and FIDIC (International Federation of Consulting Engineers), and counts of the cooperation of WGBC (World Green Building Council).
For this edition, GBCe has chosen the theme "Sustainable Building Results: Are We Moving As Quickly As We Should? It´s Up To Us".

Graz hosts the official presentation of the World Sustainable Building Conference

02/10/2013 - Last 27th September, the Austrian city of Graz hosted the official presentation of the World Sustainable Building Barcelona 2014 (WSB14 Barcelona). Several members of the Board of Directors of Green Building Council España travelled to the city to take part in this event, including the CEO Luis Álvarez-Ude.

The presentation took place within Sustainable Building Graz 2013, one of the Regional Conferences that precede the World Conference and where the problems and challenges that affect housing all around the world are already being debated.

In addition, during the presentation act the “Call for Papers” for the most important event on sustainable building - which will take place from the 28th to the 30th October 2014 - was launched.

Meanwhile, preparations for the world event continue, as well as the final configuration of the Honorary and Scientific Committees. His Royal Highness the Prince of Asturias and Girona, Felipe de Borbón, has recently accepted the role of President of the Honorary Committee. Prince Felipe will head this Committee formed by prominent persons from the Public Administrations and other Entities related to the Building sector, both in Spain and abroad.

World Sustainable Building 2014 Barcelona,
what are we talking about?

Between the 28th and 30th October, the Palau de Congressos de Catalunya (Catalonia Conference Centre) will host the Conference World Sustainable Building 2014 (WSB14 Barcelona) the largest meeting on a global level on sustainable building, organised by Green Building Council España (GBCe), promoted by: CIB, iiSBE, UNEP-SBCI, FIDIC and World GBC.

Under the theme: “Are We Moving As Quickly As We Should? It’s up to us!”, WSB14 Barcelona is born, committed to become not only a meeting and discussion space but to become the motor for change and kickstart an action plan within the building sector which gives an effective answer - before 2050 - to the global challenges, both social and environmental, faced in all areas of the world.

In order to achieve this, the organisers propose a new open and multidisciplinary Conference model which, through a series of workshops, lectures and daily closing sessions, addresses three areas of work:

Thus, all the different opinions and views that make up the sector on a global level will be granted a voice within the Conference.

World Sustainable Building Conference 2014 Barcelona is the point of arrival of a process that started in the year 2013 with the Regional Conferences, in different countries throughout the world, establishing new lines of common action, recognizing singularities in each field and that offers effective real answers, materialised in a strategic action plan.

Ursa, first platinum sponsor of the WSB14 BCN conference

WSB14 BCN already has its first Platinum sponsor: URSA, the insulating materials company of URALITA. Other important enterprises within the building sector have also shown interest in being present and collaborating at the World Sustainable Building Conference.

With this sponsorship, the company reaffirms its commitment with sustainable building and sides with the challenges and goals of this ambitious Conference, which will unite the main stakeholders of the sector throughout the world in Barcelona. By being a Platinum Sponsor, URSA will take direct part, immediately, in preparing the Conference. As well as owning an exhibition space in the Innovation Fair that will take place simultaneously, sponsoring one of the Plenary Sessions and organising two debate sessions, URSA will take part directly and in coordination with the Scientific Committee in preparing the content that will be addressed during the three days of the Conference.

In the words of Efrén del Pino, International Marketing Director of URSA Insulation: “It was clear to us from the beginning that we wanted to take part in this important Conference, but it was its novel format, where answers and solutions to the questions posed by experts from all over the world would be sought, what made us take the step to commit to the fullest”.

According to Luis Álvarez-Ude, CEO of GBCe, “there are companies within the construction sector that are showing their commitment to sustainable building, developing systems and solutions more and more respectful with the environment. We want to thank URSA on behalf of the Conference organisation for having picked up the gauntlet that we have thrown down at the industry, hoping that it will contribute with its knowledge in giving answers to the challenges that will be set forth in this event.”

Global communication for a world conference: World SB14 Barcelona on the web.

World Sustainable Building Conference Barcelona 2014 (WSB14 Barcelona) is now online. As a result, the Conference will enjoy 360º broadcasting, allowing an exponential reach of news, getting to the largest number of people, while allowing them to interact with each other.

Through the web www.wsb14barcelona.org, the public interested can access the official Conference website where they will find, both in Spanish and English, up-to-date information of this important event that will take place on the 28th, 29th and 30th October in the Palau de Congressos de Catalunya (Catalonia Conference Centre), in Barcelona.

Together with this launch, the official World SB14 Barcelona Facebook page has been created, opening thus a door to new audiences, wider and more diverse, interacting and communicating the message of the Conference. Hence, the Facebook page becomes a speaker of the novelties and actions of WSB14, both before and after the launch.

Also, GBCe has opened a hashtag, #WSB14, through which Twitter users can follow any of the topics related to the Conference on this social network.

Last, but not least, the Youtube Channel is now open, where all audiovisual material will be uploaded, and a Google + account to interact with all attendees.

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