OPEN EXTRA. La transformación arquitectónica y urbanística de la Ciudad de Barcelona

Date: Friday 31 October Duration:3 hours. TBC Place: “La Barceloneta”, the Ribera neighbourhood and the “Ciutadella”.

WSB14 Congress attendees will have the opportunity to see the architectonic and urban transformation of the three most characteristic neighbourhoods in Barcelona throughout the past 300 years, from 1714 to 2014. "El Barrio de la Ribera”, the “Ciutadella” and L”a Barceloneta", in a three hour tour.

These tours will be guided by specialised architects, in English.

The itineraries will be the following:

1- La Ciutadella.   (Monday, October 27th - 10.00-13.00h)
This tour explains how after the destruction of the city, two models of life overlapped: A medieval model (not a rational urban design street) and a totalitarian model (based on taxes), and how this event changed the traditional concept of streets and how inhabitants dwell the city.
We will be visiting: Arc de Triomf, Castell dels Tres Dragons (Museu de Ciències Naturals) and CEM Ciutadella.

2- El Barrio de la Ribera.   (Friday , October 31st - 10.00-13.00h)
This tour takes you into a neighbourhood which had a medieval structure, destroyed and transformed into a perfect example of a "city museum" (Colin Rowe): a city "collage" where ambiguous aspects coexist, with a value of tradition and identity.
We will be visiting: Convent Sant Agustí, Mercat del Born, Mercat Santa Caterina and Terrat Habitatges, a residential project for the elderly in Santa Caterina.

3- La Barceloneta.  (Friday, October 31st - 15.00h-18.00h)
This tour explains the incorporation of Maians Island into de new district of Barceloneta, with a geometric layout, and how its creating has transformed today’s city: granting importance to the Pla de Palau, as a structuring element, and favouring a change in the city’s orientation. Barcelona stops looking at itself to open to the sea through the consolidation of the maritime walkway.
We will be visiting: Museu Història de Catalunya, Mercat de la Barceloneta, Casa de la Barceloneta.

Organised by: 48H Open House- Activity Organiser
Price: 40€
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