48h Open House Barcelona & Open Green

Date: Sunday 26 October Duration: All day Place: Different spaces of the city of Barcelona

Barcelona Architecture Festival

Since 2010 the 48h Open House BCN is the main meeting of the city of Barcelona with architecture, a weekend with more than 155 activities that take place in 150 different spaces in the city. The Festival allows discovering the city and enjoying many architectonic experiences, discovering how the Barcelonan people live and interact with one another.
The Festival programme reaches out to all the neighbourhoods and districts of the city. This is the only annual opportunity of acquiring a global vision of the city, both from the functional, stylistic and historical points of view: Roman remains, Catalonian Gothic, Modernism, contemporary architecture, etc. These are some of the examples of a weekend in October full of activities where the architects explain their work and the great range of approaches and architectural purposes.

Images from the Festival

The 5th edition of the Festival will have a new project: the Open Green. An itinerary created together with GBCe (Green Building Council España), where emblematic buildings of Barcelona in terms of sustainability open their doors to the public. These buildings will be open to the public and will be described from two points of view: the architectonic view and the sustainability view, with contributions from experts in these fields.
In this years’ Open Green the debate of the WSB14 Barcelona Conference will be opened to the citizens of Barcelona. Within the Open Green route three public spaces will be used to create a discussion around a theoretical setting. Social and neighbourhood associations of Barcelona, as well as people with different social origins, will generate this debate and the conclusions conceived will be part of the Conference’s final document.
What makes this Festival unique? Be present at a cultural festival that has taken place for five years, as an experience that has had more than 40.000 visitors in the past year.
Attendees have the possibility to enter the 48h Open House for free or with a Weekend Passport. This passport is a token that allows you to see the most interesting buildings without having to queue. It also includes a bag and a Festival programme, which will be given to Conference attendees previously as established.
The tours will be in Catalonian and in Spanish, with some buildings having the possibility of specific English tours.

Images from the Festival


The festival offers the opportunity to experiment architecture from a unique way and completely free, with activities that invite attendees to explore and understand the value of a properly built and designed space. This event started in London in 1992 and since then, "Open House" has been adapted to 21 cities and to 1 country in the whole world, making it the first worldwide network of architecture festivals that has reached over 1 million people.


The 49.000 visitors of the 4th edition of 48h Open House BCN show the increasing level of interest in the architecture and urban planning of our cities. It has been a well received initiative, with participation from several sectors: 600 volunteers, 22 collaborating entities and more than 100 public and private properties. The implication of 100 architects is basic to obtain a cultural exchange between visitors, users and authors. They are the intermediaries that help us explain what architecture is and suggest free activities and meetings.
The Cultural association for the divulgation of the architectonic heritage of the city of Barcelona 48h Open House BCN is a non-profit association that works offering cultural products and services in the architectural field. Its aim is to promote architecture, as it shows us how to discover it as an essential component of culture. The 48h Open House BCN festival is its main action and dissemination tool.

Organiser: 48H Open House- Activity Organiser
Price: Free activity. Normal access
Weekend Passport. Priority access: 50€
Reservations: Normal access: Not necessary
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